What is ASCOPE?

The ASEAN Council on Petroleum or ASCOPE is the association of national oil companies in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. It was established on October 15, 1975 in Jakarta, Indonesia as an “instrument for regional cooperation among Member Countries.

ASCOPE Member Countries are represented in ASCOPE by their respective National Oil Companies (NOCs) or, in cases where the country does not have a NOC, by the authority in charge of petroleum matters.

ASCOPE’s main objective is to support Member Countries increase their capabilities, through mutual assistance, in all aspects and phases of the petroleum industry. It also serves as an instrument of regional cooperation on petroleum and energy matters among Member Countries.

The aims and purposes of ASCOPE as underlined in both the ASCOPE Declaration of Establishment and the Memorandum of Understanding are strictly in line with the objectives of ASEAN. Under the ASCOPE Declaration, it was recognized that petroleum was of strategic importance to the economic development of Southeast Asian countries and that the interest and well being of the people of the region should be protected in their pursuit for economic development.


"ASCOPE shall be globally competitive in an open international market by creating and facilitating synergistic business opportunities while actively engaging in the petroleum and petroleum related business."

General Purposes of ASCOPE

  • Promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the development of petroleum resources in the region through joint endeavors in the spirit of equality and partnership ;
  • Collaborate in the efficient utilization of petroleum;
  • Provide mutual assistance in personnel training and the use of research facilities and services in all phases of the petroleum industry;
  • Facilitate exchange of information and promote capacity building among Member Countries through conduct of various conferences and seminars;
  • Maintain close cooperation with existing international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes. ASCOPE conducts its programs and activities within the ASEAN concept.

Opportunities in ASCOPE Member Countries

  • Upstream (Oil and Gas)
  • Downstream (Petroleum and Gas products)
  • Petrochemicals
  • Trading

*  ASCOPE Member Countries have also been exploring the potential of New and Renewable Energy Sources

Future Challenges

  1. To maintain the current ASCOPE spirit of solidarity, cooperation and equality.
  2. To strive for the common good of all ASCOPE Members, not for the glory and profit of any single ASCOPE Member.
  3. To be more business orientated while engaging in the petroleum and petroleum related activities and other potential sources of energy.