“In 2016, we will announce bidding rounds for 26 oil and gas blocks including onshore and offshore. The future bidding rounds are aiming to supply sufficient energy for domestic use,” reported Myanma Alinn on 2 June, citing an MOGE official.

The 79th ASCOPE National Committee Meeting was hosted in Bangkok, Thailand on the 21st of May 2015 under the theme “Go Together, Grow Together”.

A group of LPG-related businesses is seeking signatures to support its opposition to the Energy Ministry's proposed excise-tax increase.

Yangon 's public transport network has been affected by a disruption in its fuel supply, as an onshore natural gas pipeline has sprung a leak.

A member of the National Reform Council specialising in energy issues has pressed her case for abandoning the concession system for petroleum exploration and production, advocating short-term production sharing instead.