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Secretary's Notes

  1. pic-bala_victorino02Early this year of 2012, I have made rounds of ASCOPE member countries and conducted dialogues and sought guidance from ASCOPE distinguished Council Members, as well as National Chairpersons on energy security, promotion of energy cooperation and emergency preparedness issues due to the emerging concerns on the supply and demand on oil/gas in the region which may be affected by socio-political-security developments in the Middle East and MENA.
  2. These visits were also an opportunity to work closely with the Council Members and briefed them on current developments in ASCOPE - its plans and purposes.
  3. We have met and held consultations with Ibu Karen Agustiawan, President/Director/CEO of PERTAMINA, also incidentally now voted by Forbes Magazine as one of Asia’s leading women in business. As well as Pak Mohammad Husen, the National Chairman for Indonesia.
  4. On another occasion, I called on Singapore’s Council Member Mr. Choo Chao Beng, CEO of Keppel Corporation and Mr. Kho Ban Heng, ASCOPE National Chairman for Singapore and Director, Keppel Energy Corp.
  5. In PetroVietnam a new President/CEO Dr. Do Van Han was appointed as the new Council Member for Vietnam. I briefed and updated him on the ASCOPE plans and programs and sought his guidance in the conduct of the 10th ASCOPE Conference and Exhibitions to be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in September 2013. The event will be hosted by PetroVietnam and organized by ASCOPE. He updated the Secretariat on the selection process of the event organizers which is due soon.
  6. Similarly, the new President/CEO of PTT Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, ASCOPE Council Member for Thailand and Mr. Supattanapong Punmeechaow, National Chairman for Thailand were visited lately. The Secretariat followed up on the progress of management decision on hosting the ASCOPE Gas Center and other updates on ASCOPE activities, as well as on the forthcoming ASCOPE National and Council Meetings in Manila and Myanmar, respectively.
  7. This April 2012, we officially visited the Council Members for Lao PDR and Cambodia National Petroleum Authority.

    The ASCOPE Council Member for Lao PDR H.E. Viraphonh Viravong was recently promoted to become Vice Minister for Energy and Mines. He informed the Secretariat that a new representation has been recommended to Lao PDR government or higher authorities for appropriate consideration and approval. Presently, they have Lao State Fuel Company who can duly represent Lao PDR in ASCOPE. ASCOPE awaits the result of this action with great interest.

  8. In Cambodia, the Chairman of CNPA H.E. Sok An, the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia and ASCOPE Council Member for Cambodia has appointed last February 27, 2012 H.E. Mr. Sok Khavan, the Acting Director General of CNPA as the new National Committee Chairman of Cambodia to ASCOPE.

    We have the opportunity to hold meetings with H.E. Mr. Sok Khavan and H.E. Mr. Ho Vichit, the Vice Chairman of CNPA and discuss mutual interests on energy development in the country and the region, as well as, possible areas of cooperation. They informed the Secretary that they are sending three-man delegation to the 73rd ASCOPE National Committee & Associated Meetings.

  9. On March 27, 2012, the ASCOPE Council Member for Malaysia, Dato Shamsul Azhar Abbas, President and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS has appointed Mr. Abd Rahim Mahmood as the new National Chairman for Malaysia to replace Mr. Khairuddin Sani.
  10. ASCOPE extends its best wishes and Congratulations to Ens. Rahim of PETRONAS, H.E. Mr. Sok Khavan of CNPA, Dr. Pailin and Dr. Suppatanapong of PTT, Dr. Do Van Hau of Petrovietnam and H.E. Viravong of Lao PDR.
  11. OPEC and ASCOPE Cooperation - this year the ASIC was invited by the Secretary General of OPEC H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri to participate in their 5th OPEC International Forum which will be held on June 13-14 in Vienna, Austria. This is a rare privilege to be with OPEC organization in a very important occasion attended by OPEC members. We hope this will commence good relations and establish mutual understanding for both OPEC and ASCOPE on energy matters. Secretary General El-Badri said the forum provides good opportunity for the extension of dialogue and cooperation that is so important to the healthy development of the industry and the growth of the global economy.
  12. The ASIC was cordially invited and sponsored by PETRONAS to attend the 25th World Gas Conference on June 4-8, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Another international event on gas wherein ASCOPE can network and learn a lot. The ASIC is gratefully thanking PETRONAS President Dato Shamsul for the kind invitation and sponsorship.
  13. We wish to share with latest information on oil market… compared with the previous months February and March due to the political development in the Middle East and MENA areas the crude prices have notably increased. However, in May the IEA have predicted that there is lowering of oil prices in May even though there is one “disappointing economic data for the US and Europe and an apparent easing of tensions between the international community and loan.
  14. Per IEA studies and analysis, the Brent crude news last trading near a 3-month low of $113/bbl with WTI at $99/bbl.
  15. The study and analysis showed too that global oil supply has considerably increased by 0.6 md/d to 91.0 md/d in April. Notable supplies were in seen Nigeria, Libya and even Iraq.
  16. While oil consumption was estimated to increase amid increasing oil supply and lowering of prices, industry oil inventories were seen to increase too on a modest 5.1 mb in April.
  17. These positive developments in the oil prices, inventories and supply and demand, provided new comfort levels to consumers and industries and could provide less tension in the socio-political-economic windows of all nations.
  18. Lastly, may I congratulate and extend my best wishes to the 140 delegates of the 73rd ASCOPE National Chairpersons and Associated Meetings to be held on May 16-22, 2012 in Manila, Philippines.
  19. I wish to extend ASCOPE deep appreciation to PNOC for hosting the meetings and making all delegates happy and safe during their fun days in Manila.


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