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opt 40th-ANCM

The ASEAN Council on Petroleum or ASCOPE is the association of national oil companies in the ASEAN region. It was established on October 15, 1975 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The main objective of the Council is to support member countries increase their capabilities, through mutual assistance, in all aspects and phases of the petroleum industry.


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Projects & Initiatives

ADG Book

ASCOPE Decommissioning Guideline for Oil and Gas Facilities (ADG)

ASCOPE Decommissiong Guidelines is a regional decommissioning guideline tailored to the ASCOPE countries with full concurrence and mutual approval by the relevant National Oil Companies in accordance to the international laws & regulations and complying with the national legislations of each member countries.

ASCOPE Decommissioning Guidelines

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International Cooperation

ASCOPE Secretary In Charge with HAPUA Secretary In Charge, Mr. Syaiful Bakhri Ibrahim, during the 33rd ASEAN Senior Officials' Meeting On Energy (SOME) & Associated Meetings.

ASCOPE continues to develop and strengthen its relationship with international agencies such as PETRAD, CCOP, IEA, the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE). ASCOPE Member Countries take active collaboration and participation with PETRAD, CCOP, ASEAN, ACE and IEA ’s seminars, projects, studies and programmes in pursuit of ASCOPE human resource development as well as its goal to advance energy cooperation in the region.

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