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Gas Advocacy White Paper
Publish - 03/05/2018

The Gas Advocacy Taskforce (GATF) of the ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE) is mandated to promote sustainable utilization of gas resources and infrastructure in ASEAN, with the ultimate goal to develop a common gas market in ASEAN for the benefit of ASEAN and ASCOPE members.

In support of this ambition, GATF plans to develop a strategy and an implementation roadmap for gas advocacy that is realistic and practical for the ASEAN region. The end result is enhanced gas competitiveness and usage of gas as the economic, energy-secure, and low-carbon solution to meet ASEAN’s energy needs in the immediate and longer-term future.

Therefore, the Gas Advocacy White Paper (GAWP) which focuses on raising awareness and driving sustainable gas market developments in the ASEAN region through stakeholder engagements and education backed by Government collaborations and policies has been developed. The GAWP is developed using a four (4) step process:

  • Step 1 To assess the current and committed new policies relating to primary energy supply, final energy & electricity demand, energy & power generation fuel mix as well as energy pricing
  • Step 2 To evaluate policies and the required policy changes and steps to be taken towards a common gas market for ASEAN
  • Step 3 To identify implementation challenges, such as understanding of the concept of a common gas market, perceived impact on various member countries and key stakeholders as well as institutional capabilities to implement a common gas market for ASEAN
  • Step 4 To develop an appropriate implementation roadmap for gas advocacy, including communication and engagement programs across multiple platforms to obtain buy-in towards adopting a common gas market for ASEAN